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Resource Class Reference

#include <Resource.h>

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Detailed Description

Stores all information about a resource.

Chris Schlaeger <cs@kde.org>

Definition at line 39 of file Resource.h.

Public Member Functions

void addAllocationProbability (int sc, double ap)
bool addBooking (int sc, Booking *b, int sloppy=0)
void addCustomAttribute (const QString &id, CustomAttribute *ca)
void addFlag (QString flag)
void addJournalEntry (JournalEntry *entry)
bool addShift (ShiftSelection *s)
bool addShift (const Interval &i, Shift *s)
void addVacation (Interval *i)
bool book (Booking *b)
bool bookingsOk (int sc)
bool bookInterval (Booking *b, int sc, int sloppy=0)
bool bookSlot (uint idx, SbBooking *nb)
void clearFlag (const QString &flag)
void copyBookings (int sc, SbBooking ***srd, SbBooking ***dst)
bool dbLoadBookings (const QString &kotrusID, const QStringList &skipProjectIDs)
void finishScenario (int sc)
long getAllocatedTime (int sc, const Interval &period, AccountType acctType, const Task *task=0) const
double getAllocatedTimeLoad (int sc, const Interval &period, AccountType acctType, const Task *task=0) const
double getAllocationProbability (int sc) const
long getAvailableTime (int sc, const Interval &period) const
double getAvailableTimeLoad (int sc, const Interval &period) const
double getAvailableWorkLoad (int sc, const Interval &period) const
double getCredits (int sc, const Interval &i, AccountType acctType, const Task *task=0) const
uint getCurrentDaySlots (time_t date, const Task *t)
double getCurrentLoad (const Interval &i, const Task *task=0) const
uint getCurrentMonthSlots (time_t date, const Task *t)
uint getCurrentWeekSlots (time_t date, const Task *t)
const CustomAttribute * getCustomAttribute (const QString &id) const
const QDict< const
CustomAttribute > & 
getCustomAttributeDict () const
const QString & getDefinitionFile () const
uint getDefinitionLine () const
double getEfficiency () const
time_t getEndOfLastSlot (int sc, const Task *task)
FlagList getFlagList () const
QString getFullId () const
void getFullName (QString &fullName) const
QString getHierarchIndex () const
QString getHierarchNo () const
const QString & getId () const
int getIndex () const
BookingList getJobs (int sc) const
JournalIterator getJournalIterator () const
const QString & getKotrusId () const
const UsageLimitsgetLimits () const
double getLoad (int sc, const Interval &i, AccountType acctType=AllAccounts, const Task *task=0) const
double getMinEffort () const
const QString & getName () const
ResourcegetParent () const
ProjectgetProject () const
QString getProjectIDs (int sc, const Interval &i, const Task *task=0) const
double getRate () const
uint getSequenceNo () const
const ShiftSelectionListgetShiftList () const
time_t getStartOfFirstSlot (int sc, const Task *task)
CoreAttributesList getSubList () const
ResourceListIterator getSubListIterator () const
TaskListIterator getTaskListIterator (int sc) const
virtual CAType getType () const
QPtrListIterator< Interval > getVacationListIterator () const
const QPtrList< const Interval >
*const * 
getWorkingHours () const
bool hasFlag (const QString &flag)
bool hasJournal () const
bool hasSameAncestor (const CoreAttributes *c) const
bool hasSubs () const
bool hasVacationDay (time_t day) const
void inheritCustomAttributes (const QDict< const CustomAttributeDefinition > &dict)
void inheritValues ()
bool isAllocated (int sc, const Interval &i, const Task *t) const
bool isAllocated (int sc, const Interval &i, const QString &prjId=QString::null) const
int isAvailable (time_t day)
bool isChildOf (const CoreAttributes *c) const
bool isDescendentOf (const CoreAttributes *c) const
bool isGroup () const
bool isLeaf () const
bool isOnShift (const Interval &slot) const
bool isParentOf (const CoreAttributes *c) const
bool isRoot () const
bool isWorker () const
void prepareScenario (int sc)
void resetAllocationProbability (int sc)
 Resource (Project *p, const QString &i, const QString &n, Resource *p, const QString &df=QString::null, uint dl=0)
void saveSpecifiedBookings ()
void setEfficiency (double e)
void setHierarchIndex (uint no)
void setHierarchNo (uint no)
void setIndex (int idx)
void setKotrusId (const QString k)
void setLimits (UsageLimits *l)
void setMinEffort (double e)
void setName (const QString &n)
void setRate (double r)
void setSequenceNo (uint no)
void setWorkingHours (int day, QPtrList< Interval > *l)
uint treeLevel () const
QDomElement xmlIDElement (QDomDocument &doc) const

Static Public Member Functions

static void deleteStaticData ()

Protected Attributes

QDict< CustomAttribute > customAttributes
 User defined, optional attributes.
const QString definitionFile
uint definitionLine
FlagList flags
 List of flags set for this attribute.
uint hierarchIndex
uint hierarchNo
QString id
 An ID that must be unique within the attribute class.
int index
QString name
 A short description of the attribute.
 Pointer to parent. If there is no parent the pointer is 0.
 A pointer to access information that are global to the project.
uint sequenceNo
 List of child attributes.

Private Member Functions

long getAllocatedSlots (int sc, uint startIdx, uint endIdx, AccountType acctType, const Task *task) const
long getAvailableSlots (int sc, uint startIdx, uint endIdx) const
long getCurrentLoadSub (uint startIdx, uint endIdx, const Task *task) const
void getPIDs (int sc, const Interval &period, const Task *task, QStringList &pids) const
time_t index2end (uint idx) const
time_t index2start (uint idx) const
void initFakeScoreboard ()
void initScoreboard ()
bool isAllocatedSub (int sc, uint startIdx, uint endIdx, const Task *task) const
bool isAllocatedSub (int sc, uint startIdx, uint endIdx, const QString &prjId) const
uint sbIndex (time_t date) const

Private Attributes

double * allocationProbability
double efficiency
Journal journal
 List of notes with a date attached.
QString kotrusId
 KoTrus ID, ID by which the resource is known to KoTrus.
 Usage limits of the resource.
double minEffort
 The minimum effort (in man days) the resource should be used per day.
double rate
 The daily costs of this resource.
uint sbSize
 The number of time slots in the project.
ResourceScenario * scenarios
SbBooking ** scoreboard
SbBooking *** scoreboards
ShiftSelectionList shifts
SbBooking *** specifiedBookings
QPtrList< Interval > vacations
 List of all intervals the resource is not available.
QPtrList< Interval > * workingHours [7]
 The list of standard working or opening hours for the resource.

Static Private Attributes

static SbBooking ** FakeScoreboard = 0


int ResourceList::compareItemsLevel (Resource *r1, Resource *r2, int level)

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