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ReportElement Class Reference

#include <ReportElement.h>

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CSVReportElement HTMLReportElement QtReportElement

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Detailed Description

A class that forms the basic element of a report.

Chris Schlaeger <cs@kde.org>

Definition at line 53 of file ReportElement.h.

Public Types

enum  BarLabelText { BLT_EMPTY = 0, BLT_LOAD }

Public Member Functions

void addColumn (const TableColumnInfo *c)
void addColumnFormat (const QString &id, TableColumnFormat *tcf)
void addScenario (int sc)
void clearColumns ()
void clearScenarios ()
const TableColumnInfocolumnsAt (uint idx) const
bool filterAccountList (AccountList &filteredList, AccountType at, ExpressionTree *hideExp, ExpressionTree *rollUpExp) const
bool filterResourceList (ResourceList &filteredList, const Task *t, ExpressionTree *hideExp, ExpressionTree *rollUpExp) const
bool filterTaskList (TaskList &filteredList, const Resource *r, ExpressionTree *hideExp, ExpressionTree *rollUpExp) const
virtual void genCellCompleted (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellCost (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellCriticalness (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellDailyAccount (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellDailyResource (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellDailyTask (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellDepends (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellDuration (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellEfficiency (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellEffort (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellEmpty (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellEnd (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellEndBuffer (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellEndBufferStart (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellFlags (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellFollows (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellFreeLoad (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellHierarchIndex (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellHierarchNo (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellId (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellIndex (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellKotrusId (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellMaxEffort (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellMaxEnd (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellMaxStart (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellMinEffort (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellMinEnd (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellMinStart (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellMonthlyAccount (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellMonthlyResource (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellMonthlyTask (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellName (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellNo (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellPathCriticalness (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellPriority (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellProfit (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellProjectId (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellProjectIDs (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellQuarterlyAccount (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellQuarterlyResource (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellQuarterlyTask (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellRate (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellReference (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellResources (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellResponsibilities (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellResponsible (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellRevenue (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellScenario (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellSchedule (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellSequenceNo (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellStart (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellStartBuffer (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellStartBufferEnd (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellStatus (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellStatusNote (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellSummary (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellText (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellTotal (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellUtilization (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellWeeklyAccount (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellWeeklyResource (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellWeeklyTask (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellYearlyAccount (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellYearlyResource (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genCellYearlyTask (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genHeadCurrency (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genHeadDaily1 (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genHeadDaily2 (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genHeadDefault (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genHeadMonthly1 (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genHeadMonthly2 (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genHeadQuarterly1 (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genHeadQuarterly2 (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genHeadWeekly1 (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genHeadWeekly2 (TableCellInfo *)=0
virtual void genHeadYear (TableCellInfo *)=0
int getAccountSorting (int level) const
const QString & getCaption () const
const TableColumnFormatgetColumnFormat (const QString &key) const
QPtrListIterator< TableColumnInfogetColumnsIterator () const
time_t getEnd () const
const QString & getHeadline () const
ExpressionTreegetHideAccount () const
ExpressionTreegetHideResource () const
ExpressionTreegetHideTask () const
const RealFormat & getNumberFormat () const
ReportgetReport () const
int getResourceSorting (int level) const
ExpressionTreegetRollUpAccount () const
ExpressionTreegetRollUpResource () const
ExpressionTreegetRollUpTask () const
int getScenario (int sc) const
uint getScenarioCount () const
const QString & getShortTimeFormat () const
bool getShowPIDs () const
time_t getStart () const
QStringList getSupportedColumnList () const
const QString & getTaskRoot () const
int getTaskSorting (int level) const
const QString getTimeFormat () const
bool isHidden (const CoreAttributes *c, ExpressionTree *et) const
bool isRolledUp (const CoreAttributes *c, ExpressionTree *et) const
bool isSupportedColumn (const QString &id) const
 ReportElement (Report *r, const QString &df, int dl)
QString scaledDuration (double t, const RealFormat &realFormat, bool showUnit=false, bool longUnit=false) const
QString scaledLoad (double t, const RealFormat &realFormat, bool showUnit=false, bool longUnit=false) const
bool setAccountSorting (int sc, int level)
void setAccumulate (bool s)
void setBarLabels (BarLabelText blt)
void setCaption (const QString &c)
void setEnd (time_t e)
void setHeadline (const QString &hl)
void setHideAccount (ExpressionTree *et)
void setHideResource (ExpressionTree *et)
void setHideTask (ExpressionTree *et)
bool setLoadUnit (const QString &u)
void setMacros (TableLineInfo *tli)
void setRawHead (const QString &head)
void setRawTail (const QString &tail)
bool setResourceSorting (int sc, int level)
void setRollUpAccount (ExpressionTree *et)
void setRollUpResource (ExpressionTree *et)
void setRollUpTask (ExpressionTree *et)
void setShortTimeFormat (const QString &tf)
void setShowPIDs (bool s)
void setStart (time_t s)
void setTaskRoot (const QString &root)
bool setTaskSorting (int sc, int level)
void setTimeFormat (const QString &tf)
bool showAccountTree () const
bool showResourceTree () const
bool showTaskTree () const
void sortAccountList (AccountList &filteredList) const
void sortResourceList (ResourceList &filteredList) const
void sortTaskList (TaskList &filteredList) const
int taskRootLevel () const

Protected Member Functions

void addCustomAttributeColumns (const QDict< const CustomAttributeDefinition > &cad)
void errorMessage (const char *msg,...)
void puts (const QString &str)
void reportValue (double value, const QString &bgcol, bool bold)
QTextStream & s () const
QString scaledValue (double t, const RealFormat &realFormat, bool showUnit, bool longUnit, const QValueList< double > &factors) const
QString stripTaskRoot (QString taskId) const

Protected Attributes

int accountSortCriteria [CoreAttributesList::maxSortingLevel]
bool accumulate
BarLabelText barLabels
QString caption
TableColorSet colors
QDict< TableColumnFormatcolumnFormat
QPtrList< TableColumnInfocolumns
RealFormat currencyFormat
int defFileLine
QString defFileName
time_t end
QString headline
LoadUnit loadUnit
uint maxDepthAccountList
uint maxDepthResourceList
uint maxDepthTaskList
MacroTable mt
RealFormat numberFormat
QString rawHead
QString rawTail
int resourceSortCriteria [CoreAttributesList::maxSortingLevel]
QValueList< int > scenarios
QString shortTimeFormat
bool showPIDs
time_t start
QString taskRoot
int taskSortCriteria [CoreAttributesList::maxSortingLevel]
QString timeFormat

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