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Project Class Reference

#include <Project.h>

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Detailed Description

The root class of all project related information.

The Project class is the root of the data tree of the application. Applications can use multiple Project objects. This is e. g. needed when the application needs to preserve the state prior to a scheduler run. The scheduler calculates the data in place, adding the calculated values to the existing data structures. Since the original data cannot be identified anymore the applications needs to make a copy of the project before calling the scheduler. For that purpose Project and all related sub-classes provide a copy constructor.

Chris Schlaeger <cs@kde.org>

Definition at line 56 of file Project.h.


void updateProgressBar (int i, int of)
void updateProgressInfo (const QString &i)

Public Member Functions

uint accountCount () const
void addAccount (Account *a)
bool addAccountAttribute (const QString &name, CustomAttributeDefinition *cad)
void addAllowedFlag (QString flag)
bool addId (const QString &i, bool changeCurrentId=TRUE)
void addJournalEntry (JournalEntry *entry)
void addReport (Report *r)
void addResource (Resource *r)
bool addResourceAttribute (const QString &name, CustomAttributeDefinition *cad)
void addScenario (Scenario *r)
void addShift (Shift *s)
void addSourceFile (const QString &f)
void addTask (Task *t)
bool addTaskAttribute (const QString &id, CustomAttributeDefinition *cad)
void addVacation (VacationInterval *vi)
void addVacation (const QString &n, const Interval &i)
void addXMLReport (ReportXML *r)
void breakScheduling ()
int calcWorkingDays (const Interval &iv) const
void completeBuffersAndIndices ()
double convertToDailyLoad (long secs) const
void deleteAccount (Account *a)
void deleteResource (Resource *r)
void deleteScenario (Scenario *s)
void deleteShift (Shift *s)
void deleteTask (Task *t)
void generateReports () const
bool generateXMLReport () const
AccountgetAccount (const QString &id) const
const CustomAttributeDefinition * getAccountAttribute (const QString &id) const
const QDict< const
CustomAttributeDefinition > & 
getAccountAttributeDict () const
AccountList getAccountList () const
AccountListIterator getAccountListIterator () const
const QStringList getAllowedFlags () const
bool getAllowRedefinitions () const
const QString & getCopyright () const
const QString & getCurrency () const
const RealFormat & getCurrencyFormat () const
QString getCurrentId () const
double getDailyWorkingHours () const
time_t getEnd () const
QString getId () const
QString getIdIndex (const QString &i) const
JournalIterator getJournalIterator () const
Kotrus * getKotrus () const
int getMaxScenarios () const
double getMinEffort () const
double getMonthlyWorkingDays () const
const QString & getName () const
time_t getNow () const
const RealFormat & getNumberFormat () const
int getPriority () const
QStringList getProjectIdList () const
double getRate () const
ReportgetReport (uint idx) const
QPtrListIterator< ReportgetReportListIterator () const
ResourcegetResource (const QString &id) const
const CustomAttributeDefinition * getResourceAttribute (const QString &id) const
const QDict< const
CustomAttributeDefinition > & 
getResourceAttributeDict () const
const UsageLimitsgetResourceLimits () const
ResourceList getResourceList () const
ResourceListIterator getResourceListIterator () const
Scenario * getScenario (int sc) const
const QString & getScenarioId (int sc) const
int getScenarioIndex (const QString &id) const
ScenarioListIterator getScenarioIterator () const
const QString & getScenarioName (int sc) const
ulong getScheduleGranularity () const
ShiftgetShift (const QString &id) const
ShiftList getShiftList () const
ShiftListIterator getShiftListIterator () const
const QString & getShortTimeFormat () const
QStringList getSourceFiles () const
time_t getStart () const
TaskgetTask (const QString &id) const
const CustomAttributeDefinition * getTaskAttribute (const QString &id) const
const QDict< const
CustomAttributeDefinition > & 
getTaskAttributeDict () const
TaskList getTaskList () const
TaskListIterator getTaskListIterator () const
const QString & getTimeFormat () const
const QString & getTimeZone () const
VacationListIterator getVacationListIterator () const
const QString & getVersion () const
double getWeeklyWorkingDays () const
bool getWeekStartsMonday () const
QPtrList< Interval > * getWorkingHours (int day) const
const QPtrList< const Interval >
*const * 
getWorkingHours () const
QPtrListIterator< Interval > getWorkingHoursIterator (int day) const
double getYearlyWorkingDays () const
bool hasJournal () const
bool isAllowedFlag (const QString &flag) const
bool isVacation (time_t d) const
bool isValidId (const QString &i) const
bool isWorkingDay (time_t d) const
bool isWorkingTime (const Interval &iv) const
bool isWorkingTime (time_t d) const
bool loadFromXML (const QString &file)
void parseDomElem (QDomElement &parentElem)
bool pass2 (bool noDepCheck, bool &fatalError)
bool readKotrus ()
uint resourceCount () const
bool scheduleAllScenarios ()
bool scheduleScenario (Scenario *sc)
void setAllowRedefinitions (bool ar)
void setCopyright (const QString &c)
void setCurrency (const QString &s)
void setCurrencyDigits (uint d)
void setCurrencyFormat (const RealFormat &rf)
void setDailyWorkingHours (double h)
void setEnd (time_t e)
void setKotrus (Kotrus *k)
void setMaxErrors (int me)
void setMinEffort (double m)
void setName (const QString &n)
void setNow (time_t n)
void setNumberFormat (const RealFormat &rf)
void setPriority (int p)
void setProgressBar (int i, int of)
void setProgressInfo (const QString &i)
void setRate (double r)
void setResourceLimits (UsageLimits *l)
void setScheduleGranularity (ulong s)
void setShortTimeFormat (const QString &tf)
void setStart (time_t s)
void setTimeFormat (const QString &tf)
void setTimeZone (const QString &tz)
void setVersion (const QString &v)
void setWeekStartsMonday (bool wsm)
void setWorkingHours (int day, QPtrList< Interval > *l)
void setYearlyWorkingDays (double d)
uint shiftCount () const
uint taskCount () const
bool updateKotrus ()

Private Member Functions

bool checkSchedule (int sc) const
void finishScenario (int sc)
void overlayScenario (int base, int sc)
void prepareScenario (int sc)
bool schedule (int sc)

Private Attributes

AccountList accountList
QStringList allowedFlags
bool allowRedefinitions
bool breakFlag
QString copyright
 Some legal words to please the boss.
QString currency
 The currency of used for all money values.
int currencyDigits
 The number of fraction digits of all money values.
RealFormat currencyFormat
QString currentId
double dailyWorkingHours
time_t end
 The end date of the project.
QPtrList< QtReportinteractiveReports
Journal journal
Kotrus * kotrus
int maxErrors
double minEffort
 Default values for Resource variables (TODO: should be obsoleted!).
QString name
 The name of the Project.
time_t now
 The current date used in status calculations and reports.
RealFormat numberFormat
AccountList originalAccountList
ResourceList originalResourceList
TaskList originalTaskList
int priority
QStringList projectIDs
double rate
QPtrList< Reportreports
QDict< CustomAttributeDefinition > resourceAttributes
ResourceList resourceList
ScenarioList scenarioList
ulong scheduleGranularity
ShiftList shiftList
QString shortTimeFormat
QStringList sourceFiles
time_t start
 The start date of the project.
QDict< CustomAttributeDefinition > taskAttributes
TaskList taskList
QString timeFormat
QString timeZone
 The default timezone of the project.
VacationList vacationList
QString version
 The revision of the project description.
bool weekStartsMonday
 True if week based calculations use Monday as first day of week.
QPtrList< Interval > * workingHours [7]
ReportXML * xmlreport
double yearlyWorkingDays

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