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Project Member List

This is the complete list of members for Project, including all inherited members.

accountCount() const Project [inline]
accountList (defined in Project)Project [private]
addAccount(Account *a)Project
addAccountAttribute(const QString &name, CustomAttributeDefinition *cad)Project
addAllowedFlag(QString flag) (defined in Project)Project [inline]
addId(const QString &i, bool changeCurrentId=TRUE)Project
addJournalEntry(JournalEntry *entry) (defined in Project)Project
addReport(Report *r) (defined in Project)Project [inline]
addResource(Resource *r)Project
addResourceAttribute(const QString &name, CustomAttributeDefinition *cad)Project
addScenario(Scenario *r)Project
addShift(Shift *s)Project
addSourceFile(const QString &f) (defined in Project)Project
addTask(Task *t)Project
addTaskAttribute(const QString &id, CustomAttributeDefinition *cad)Project
addVacation(const QString &n, const Interval &i)Project [inline]
addVacation(VacationInterval *vi) (defined in Project)Project [inline]
addXMLReport(ReportXML *r) (defined in Project)Project [inline]
allowedFlagsProject [private]
allowRedefinitions (defined in Project)Project [private]
breakFlag (defined in Project)Project [private]
breakScheduling() (defined in Project)Project
calcWorkingDays(const Interval &iv) const Project
checkSchedule(int sc) const (defined in Project)Project [private]
completeBuffersAndIndices() (defined in Project)Project
convertToDailyLoad(long secs) const Project
copyrightProject [private]
currencyProject [private]
currencyDigitsProject [private]
currencyFormat (defined in Project)Project [private]
currentId (defined in Project)Project [private]
dailyWorkingHours (defined in Project)Project [private]
deleteAccount(Account *a)Project
deleteResource(Resource *r)Project
deleteScenario(Scenario *s)Project
deleteShift(Shift *s)Project
deleteTask(Task *t)Project
endProject [private]
finishScenario(int sc) (defined in Project)Project [private]
generateReports() const (defined in Project)Project
generateXMLReport() const (defined in Project)Project
getAccount(const QString &id) const Project [inline]
getAccountAttribute(const QString &id) const Project
getAccountAttributeDict() const Project [inline]
getAccountList() const Project [inline]
getAccountListIterator() const Project [inline]
getAllowedFlags() const (defined in Project)Project [inline]
getAllowRedefinitions() const (defined in Project)Project [inline]
getCopyright() const Project [inline]
getCurrency() const Project [inline]
getCurrencyFormat() const Project [inline]
getCurrentId() const Project [inline]
getDailyWorkingHours() const Project [inline]
getEnd() const Project [inline]
getId() const Project [inline]
getIdIndex(const QString &i) const Project
getJournalIterator() const (defined in Project)Project
getKotrus() const (defined in Project)Project [inline]
getMaxScenarios() const Project [inline]
getMinEffort() const Project [inline]
getMonthlyWorkingDays() const Project [inline]
getName() const Project [inline]
getNow() const Project [inline]
getNumberFormat() const Project [inline]
getPriority() const Project [inline]
getProjectIdList() const Project [inline]
getRate() const Project [inline]
getReport(uint idx) const (defined in Project)Project
getReportListIterator() const (defined in Project)Project
getResource(const QString &id) const Project [inline]
getResourceAttribute(const QString &id) const Project
getResourceAttributeDict() const Project [inline]
getResourceLimits() const Project [inline]
getResourceList() const Project [inline]
getResourceListIterator() const Project [inline]
getScenario(int sc) const Project
getScenarioId(int sc) const Project
getScenarioIndex(const QString &id) const Project
getScenarioIterator() const Project [inline]
getScenarioName(int sc) const Project
getScheduleGranularity() const (defined in Project)Project [inline]
getShift(const QString &id) const Project [inline]
getShiftList() const Project [inline]
getShiftListIterator() const Project [inline]
getShortTimeFormat() const Project [inline]
getSourceFiles() const (defined in Project)Project
getStart() const Project [inline]
getTask(const QString &id) const Project [inline]
getTaskAttribute(const QString &id) const Project
getTaskAttributeDict() const Project [inline]
getTaskList() const Project [inline]
getTaskListIterator() const Project [inline]
getTimeFormat() const Project [inline]
getTimeZone() const Project [inline]
getVacationListIterator() const Project [inline]
getVersion() const Project [inline]
getWeeklyWorkingDays() const Project [inline]
getWeekStartsMonday() const Project [inline]
getWorkingHours() const Project [inline]
getWorkingHours(int day) const Project [inline]
getWorkingHoursIterator(int day) const Project [inline]
getYearlyWorkingDays() const Project [inline]
hasJournal() const (defined in Project)Project [inline]
interactiveReports (defined in Project)Project [private]
isAllowedFlag(const QString &flag) const (defined in Project)Project [inline]
isVacation(time_t d) const Project [inline]
isValidId(const QString &i) const Project [inline]
isWorkingDay(time_t d) const Project
isWorkingTime(time_t d) const Project
isWorkingTime(const Interval &iv) const Project
journal (defined in Project)Project [private]
kotrus (defined in Project)Project [private]
loadFromXML(const QString &file) (defined in Project)Project
maxErrors (defined in Project)Project [private]
minEffortProject [private]
nameProject [private]
nowProject [private]
numberFormat (defined in Project)Project [private]
originalAccountList (defined in Project)Project [private]
originalResourceList (defined in Project)Project [private]
originalTaskListProject [private]
overlayScenario(int base, int sc) (defined in Project)Project [private]
parseDomElem(QDomElement &parentElem) (defined in Project)Project
pass2(bool noDepCheck, bool &fatalError)Project
prepareScenario(int sc) (defined in Project)Project [private]
priorityProject [private]
Project() (defined in Project)Project
projectIDsProject [private]
rateProject [private]
readKotrus() (defined in Project)Project
reports (defined in Project)Project [private]
resourceAttributes (defined in Project)Project [private]
resourceCount() const Project [inline]
resourceLimitsProject [private]
resourceList (defined in Project)Project [private]
scenarioList (defined in Project)Project [private]
schedule(int sc) (defined in Project)Project [private]
scheduleAllScenarios() (defined in Project)Project
scheduleGranularityProject [private]
scheduleScenario(Scenario *sc) (defined in Project)Project
setAllowRedefinitions(bool ar) (defined in Project)Project [inline]
setCopyright(const QString &c)Project [inline]
setCurrency(const QString &s)Project [inline]
setCurrencyDigits(uint d)Project [inline]
setCurrencyFormat(const RealFormat &rf)Project [inline]
setDailyWorkingHours(double h)Project [inline]
setEnd(time_t e)Project [inline]
setKotrus(Kotrus *k) (defined in Project)Project
setMaxErrors(int me) (defined in Project)Project [inline]
setMinEffort(double m)Project [inline]
setName(const QString &n)Project [inline]
setNow(time_t n)Project [inline]
setNumberFormat(const RealFormat &rf)Project [inline]
setPriority(int p)Project [inline]
setProgressBar(int i, int of) (defined in Project)Project
setProgressInfo(const QString &i) (defined in Project)Project
setRate(double r)Project [inline]
setResourceLimits(UsageLimits *l)Project
setScheduleGranularity(ulong s) (defined in Project)Project [inline]
setShortTimeFormat(const QString &tf)Project [inline]
setStart(time_t s)Project [inline]
setTimeFormat(const QString &tf)Project [inline]
setTimeZone(const QString &tz)Project
setVersion(const QString &v)Project [inline]
setWeekStartsMonday(bool wsm)Project [inline]
setWorkingHours(int day, QPtrList< Interval > *l)Project [inline]
setYearlyWorkingDays(double d)Project [inline]
shiftCount() const Project [inline]
shiftList (defined in Project)Project [private]
shortTimeFormatProject [private]
sourceFiles (defined in Project)Project [private]
startProject [private]
taskAttributes (defined in Project)Project [private]
taskCount() const Project [inline]
taskList (defined in Project)Project [private]
timeFormatProject [private]
timeZoneProject [private]
updateKotrus() (defined in Project)Project
updateProgressBar(int i, int of) (defined in Project)Project [signal]
updateProgressInfo(const QString &i) (defined in Project)Project [signal]
vacationList (defined in Project)Project [private]
versionProject [private]
weekStartsMondayProject [private]
workingHours (defined in Project)Project [private]
xmlreport (defined in Project)Project [private]
yearlyWorkingDays (defined in Project)Project [private]
~Project() (defined in Project)Project

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