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CSVTaskReport Class Reference

#include <CSVTaskReport.h>

Inheritance diagram for CSVTaskReport:

CSVReport Report CSVPrimitives

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Detailed Description

Stores all information about an CSV task report.

Chris Schlaeger <cs@kde.org>

Definition at line 25 of file CSVTaskReport.h.

Public Member Functions

void addReportColumn (const QString &c)
void addScenario (int sc)
void clearColumns ()
void clearScenarios ()
const QString & columnsAt (uint idx)
 CSVTaskReport (Project *p, const QString &f, const QString &df, int dl)
QString filter (const QString &s) const
bool filterAccountList (AccountList &filteredList, AccountType at, ExpressionTree *hideExp, ExpressionTree *rollUpExp) const
bool filterResourceList (ResourceList &filteredList, const Task *t, ExpressionTree *hideExp, ExpressionTree *rollUpExp) const
bool filterTaskList (TaskList &filteredList, const Resource *r, ExpressionTree *hideExp, ExpressionTree *rollUpExp) const
bool generate ()
void generateFooter ()
void generateHeader ()
int getAccountSorting (int level) const
const QString & getCaption () const
const RealFormat & getCurrencyFormat () const
const QString & getDefinitionFile () const
uint getDefinitionLine () const
time_t getEnd () const
const QString & getFileName () const
QString getFullFileName () const
const QString & getHeadline () const
ExpressionTreegetHideAccount () const
ExpressionTreegetHideResource () const
ExpressionTreegetHideTask () const
LoadUnit getLoadUnit () const
const RealFormat & getNumberFormat () const
const ProjectgetProject () const
int getResourceSorting (int level) const
ExpressionTreegetRollUpAccount () const
ExpressionTreegetRollUpResource () const
ExpressionTreegetRollUpTask () const
int getScenario (int sc) const
uint getScenarioCount () const
const QString & getShortTimeFormat () const
bool getShowPIDs () const
time_t getStart () const
CSVTaskReportElement * getTable ()
const QString & getTaskRoot () const
int getTaskSorting (int level) const
const QString & getTimeFormat () const
bool getTimeStamp () const
virtual const char * getType () const
bool getWeekStartsMonday () const
bool isHidden (const CoreAttributes *c, ExpressionTree *et) const
bool isRolledUp (const CoreAttributes *c, ExpressionTree *et) const
bool open ()
void puts (const QString &str)
bool setAccountSorting (int sc, int level)
void setCaption (const QString &c)
void setCurrencyFormat (const RealFormat &rf)
void setEnd (time_t e)
void setHeadline (const QString &hl)
void setHideAccount (ExpressionTree *et)
void setHideResource (ExpressionTree *et)
void setHideTask (ExpressionTree *et)
bool setLoadUnit (const QString &u)
void setNumberFormat (const RealFormat &rf)
bool setResourceSorting (int sc, int level)
void setRollUpAccount (ExpressionTree *et)
void setRollUpResource (ExpressionTree *et)
void setRollUpTask (ExpressionTree *et)
void setShortTimeFormat (const QString &tf)
void setShowPIDs (bool s)
void setStart (time_t s)
void setTaskRoot (const QString &root)
bool setTaskSorting (int sc, int level)
void setTimeFormat (const QString &tf)
void setTimeStamp (bool t)
void setWeekStartsMonday (bool wsm)
void sortAccountList (AccountList &filteredList)
void sortResourceList (ResourceList &filteredList)
void sortTaskList (TaskList &filteredList)
QTextStream & stream ()

Protected Member Functions

void errorMessage (const char *msg,...)
QString stripTaskRoot (QString taskId) const

Protected Attributes

int accountSortCriteria [CoreAttributesList::maxSortingLevel]
QString caption
QStringList columns
RealFormat currencyFormat
int defFileLine
QString defFileName
time_t end
QFile f
QString fileName
QString headline
LoadUnit loadUnit
uint maxDepthAccountList
uint maxDepthResourceList
uint maxDepthTaskList
RealFormat numberFormat
const Projectproject
int resourceSortCriteria [CoreAttributesList::maxSortingLevel]
QTextStream s
QValueList< int > scenarios
QString shortTimeFormat
bool showPIDs
time_t start
QString taskRoot
int taskSortCriteria [CoreAttributesList::maxSortingLevel]
QString timeFormat
bool timeStamp
bool weekStartsMonday

Private Attributes

CSVTaskReportElement * tab

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