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 * Resource.h - TaskJuggler
 * Copyright (c) 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005 by Chris Schlaeger <cs@kde.org>
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of version 2 of the GNU General Public License as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation.
 * $Id: Resource.h 1214 2005-11-17 20:05:36Z cs $
#ifndef _Resource_h_
#define _Resource_h_

#include "time.h"

#include "taskjuggler.h"
#include "CoreAttributes.h"
#include "ResourceList.h"
#include "ShiftSelectionList.h"
#include "ResourceScenario.h"
#include "Journal.h"

class Project;
class Shift;
class Task;
class Booking;
class SbBooking;
class BookingList;
class Interval;
class QDomDocument;
class QDomElement;
class UsageLimits;

 * @short Stores all information about a resource.
 * @author Chris Schlaeger <cs@kde.org>
00039 class Resource : public CoreAttributes
    friend int ResourceList::compareItemsLevel(Resource* r1, Resource* r2,
                                               int level);
    Resource(Project* p, const QString& i, const QString& n, Resource* p,
             const QString& df = QString::null, uint dl = 0);
    virtual ~Resource();

    static void deleteStaticData();

    virtual CAType getType() const { return CA_Resource; }

    Resource* getParent() const { return (Resource*) parent; }

    ResourceListIterator getSubListIterator() const
        return ResourceListIterator(*sub);

    void inheritValues();

    bool isGroup() const { return !sub->isEmpty(); }

    void setMinEffort(double e) { minEffort = e; }
    double getMinEffort() const { return minEffort; }

    void setLimits(UsageLimits* l);

    const UsageLimits* getLimits() const { return limits; }

    void setEfficiency(double e) { efficiency = e; }
    double getEfficiency() const { return efficiency; }

    bool isWorker() const;

    void setRate(double r) { rate = r; }
    double getRate() const { return rate; }

    void addVacation(Interval* i);
    QPtrListIterator<Interval> getVacationListIterator() const
        return QPtrListIterator<Interval>(vacations);

    bool hasVacationDay(time_t day) const;

    bool isOnShift(const Interval& slot) const;

    void setWorkingHours(int day, QPtrList<Interval>* l)
        delete workingHours[day];
        workingHours[day] = l;
    const QPtrList<const Interval>* const* getWorkingHours() const
        return (const QPtrList<const Interval>* const*) workingHours;

    bool addShift(const Interval& i, Shift* s);
    bool addShift(ShiftSelection* s);

    const ShiftSelectionList* getShiftList() const
        return &shifts;

     * Check if the slot with the specified duration is booked already.
     * @ret 0 slot is available, 1 vacation/off duty, 2 resource overloaded,
     * 3 task overloaded, 4 booked for other task,
    int isAvailable(time_t day);

    bool book(Booking* b);

    bool bookSlot(uint idx, SbBooking* nb);
    bool bookInterval(Booking* b, int sc, int sloppy = 0);
    bool addBooking(int sc, Booking* b, int sloppy = 0);

    double getCurrentLoad(const Interval& i, const Task* task = 0) const;

    uint getCurrentDaySlots(time_t date, const Task* t);
    uint getCurrentWeekSlots(time_t date, const Task* t);
    uint getCurrentMonthSlots(time_t date, const Task* t);

    double getLoad(int sc, const Interval& i,
                   AccountType acctType = AllAccounts,
                   const Task* task = 0) const;
    double getAllocatedTimeLoad(int sc, const Interval& period,
                                AccountType acctType, const Task* task = 0)
    long getAllocatedTime(int sc, const Interval& period, AccountType acctType,
                          const Task* task = 0) const;

    double getAvailableWorkLoad(int sc, const Interval& period) const;
    double getAvailableTimeLoad(int sc, const Interval& period) const;
    long getAvailableTime(int sc, const Interval& period) const;

    double getCredits(int sc, const Interval& i, AccountType acctType,
                      const Task* task = 0) const;

    QString getProjectIDs(int sc, const Interval& i, const Task* task = 0)

    bool isAllocated(int sc, const Interval& i,
                     const QString& prjId = QString::null) const;

    bool isAllocated(int sc, const Interval& i, const Task* t) const;

    BookingList getJobs(int sc) const;

    time_t getStartOfFirstSlot(int sc, const Task* task);
    time_t getEndOfLastSlot(int sc, const Task* task);

    void setKotrusId(const QString k) { kotrusId = k; }
    const QString& getKotrusId() const { return kotrusId; }

    bool dbLoadBookings(const QString& kotrusID,
                        const QStringList& skipProjectIDs);

    QDomElement xmlIDElement( QDomDocument& doc ) const;

    void copyBookings(int sc, SbBooking*** srd, SbBooking*** dst);
    void saveSpecifiedBookings();
    void prepareScenario(int sc);
    void finishScenario(int sc);

    bool bookingsOk(int sc);

    void resetAllocationProbability(int sc) { allocationProbability[sc] = 0; }
    void addAllocationProbability(int sc, double ap)
        allocationProbability[sc] += ap;
    double getAllocationProbability(int sc) const
        return allocationProbability[sc];

    TaskListIterator getTaskListIterator(int sc) const
        return TaskListIterator(scenarios[sc].allocatedTasks);

    void addJournalEntry(JournalEntry* entry);

    bool hasJournal() const { return !journal.isEmpty(); }

    JournalIterator getJournalIterator() const;

    void getPIDs(int sc, const Interval& period, const Task* task,
                 QStringList& pids) const;

    void initScoreboard();
    void initFakeScoreboard();

    long getCurrentLoadSub(uint startIdx, uint endIdx, const Task* task) const;

    long getAllocatedSlots(int sc, uint startIdx, uint endIdx,
                           AccountType acctType, const Task* task) const;

    long getAvailableSlots(int sc, uint startIdx, uint endIdx) const;

    bool isAllocatedSub(int sc, uint startIdx, uint endIdx, const QString&
                        prjId) const;
    bool isAllocatedSub(int sc, uint startIdx, uint endIdx, const Task* task)

    uint sbIndex(time_t date) const;

    time_t index2start(uint idx) const;
    time_t index2end(uint idx) const;

    /// The minimum effort (in man days) the resource should be used per day.
00215     double minEffort;

    /// List of notes with a date attached.
00218     Journal journal;

    /// Usage limits of the resource.
00221     UsageLimits* limits;

     * The efficiency of the resource. A team of five should have an
     * efficiency of 5.0 */
00226     double efficiency;

    /// The daily costs of this resource.
00229     double rate;

    /// KoTrus ID, ID by which the resource is known to KoTrus.
00232     QString kotrusId;

    /// The list of standard working or opening hours for the resource.
00235     QPtrList<Interval>* workingHours[7];

     * In addition to the standard working hours a set of shifts can be
     * defined. This is useful when the working hours change over time.
     * A shift is only active in a defined interval. If no interval is
     * defined for a period of time the standard working hours of the
     * resource are used.
00244     ShiftSelectionList shifts;

    /// List of all intervals the resource is not available.
00247     QPtrList<Interval> vacations;

     * For each time slot (of length scheduling granularity) we store a
     * pointer to a booking, a '1' if slot is off-hours, a '2' if slot is
     * during a vacation or 0 if resource is available. */
00253     SbBooking** scoreboard;
    /// The number of time slots in the project.
00255     uint sbSize;

    SbBooking*** specifiedBookings;
    SbBooking*** scoreboards;

    ResourceScenario* scenarios;

     * The allocation probability is calculated prior to scheduling a
     * scenario. It is the expected average effort the resource has to deliver
     * based on the assignments to tasks, not taking parallel assignments into
     * account.
00268     double* allocationProbability;

    static SbBooking** FakeScoreboard;
} ;


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